Where to put home security cameras

What’s interesting is that one of the best methods to guard your home is viewed as non-essential, or is frequently overlooked. We are talking about getting 24/7 tracking with a home security program. It is one of the very best approaches to secure your family and valuables inside your home, plus it can lower the cost of your house insurance fees!

Decreasing areas to put in a SimpliCam are close your back entrance and main entrance. And, while we would recommend covering these areas, it is also a fantastic idea.

Ideally, what you wish to look for is a spot that delivers coverage for as many areas as you can.

Larger homes

Individuals dwell in larger residences where additional cameras could be needed.

A whopping 81 per cent of all burglars input the Target’s home by way of window or a first-floor doorway. This means that these should be the areas you consider when choosing where you should place your SimpliCams. In the minimum, it’s a good idea to pay for each main entry. This comes with the front door, rear door, garage door, and any outside door to the first floor.

Covering key areas

If covering every door isn’t achievable, decide which areas in your house could be the targets for burglars, and also set cameras there. The family room, where you keep a lot of gadgets like stereo systems and TVs, would be a great example. Or, you can place a camera where you keep all your valuables and important records, to watch over your family safe.
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Height things

Wherever you opt to set up your SimpliCams, there’s one tip you will need to keep at heart. If the camera is easily accessible, the burglar may crush it, or even add it.

To prevent this, make sure you’re updating your safety cameras high enough so they cannot be reached without a ladder. This will also provide a view to cover the greatest area possible.


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